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Basingstoke Hindu Society is a registered charity (no. 1107780). With a committee of volunteers to oversee our work, we organise events and social gatherings for members of the Basingstoke Hindu community, raise money for good causes, and manage the Basingstoke Carnival Hall (on a voluntary basis) on behalf of Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council to ensure all sections of the wider Basingstoke community and a range of local groups have somewhere to call home to host their own events and celebrations.

Our Activity

Fundraising, social clubs, Hindu religious teachings & celebrations

Basingstoke Hindu Society brings the local Hindu community together to celebrate Indian culture and traditions as well as Hinduism as a way of life.

In addition, every year, our members help raise money for good causes through a range of fundraising activities too.

From religious teaching and prayer meetings, educational classes to learn new life skills or keep fit, to a number of different BHS social clubs and events for all the family, we strive to serve our local community in all we do.

Plans for a Mandir (Hindu temple)

Significantly, Basingstoke Hindu Society is currently working to see if we can bring a Mandir (Hindu temple) to Basingstoke, as reported by the Basingstoke Gazette recently. We are establishing a Mandir working group  and we will set up a page on this site shortly to keep you fully updated on the Mandir plans and delivery progress. So keep a watch on this space!


BHS Committee Members

Our army of dedicated volunteers

As a registered charity, Basingstoke Hindu Society is governed by a committee of dedicated volunteers. They give their time freely to ensure the Basingstoke Hindu community has a voice and to provide a range of services, events, and help, that its members can benefit from.

A place for all – the Carnival Hall

In addition, this small army of Hindu volunteers work tirelessly for the wider Basingstoke community – managing the Basingstoke Carnival Hall on behalf of the Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council. In doing so, the BHS ensures all sections of the community – Hindu and otherwise – have somewhere they can call home, enabling them to host their own social meetings, celebrations, and more. The Basingstoke Carnival Hall has a special place in the hearts of the local community for this reason.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to host your get-together or an event of any kind, just contact us or visit the Basingstoke Carnival Hall website by clicking here now.


Mandir plans

A Hindu temple for Basingstoke

In June 2018, the Basingstoke Hindu Society hosted a meeting at the Basingstoke Carnival Hall to discuss plans to bring a Mandir (Hindu temple) to Basingstoke. Pictured above, courtesy of the Basingstoke Gazette, is secretary of the society, Mano Singh, addressing the gathering, whilst below is the report in the paper. We will add a page dedicated to our plans for the Mandir on this site shortly to keep everyone informed of our progress, so stay tuned.

Pictured above are some of the dedicated volunteers from the Basingstoke Hindu Society who form part of the the charity’s executive committee. Together, they run the BHS and the Basingstoke Carnival Hall, donating their time to serving the local Hindu and wider community in Basingstoke. Click here for more details about the BHS Executive Committee Members.

Events & Activities

Keeping you entertained

From films and talks to religious festival celebrations, sports, BBQs, and fund-raising initiatives, we have something for everyone.

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Find us at the Basingstoke Carnival Hall …

Basingstoke Hindu Society

You can find us here at the Basingstoke Carnival Hall, which we manage on a voluntary basis for the wider local community.

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